We are Diagnostiskt Centrum Hud

Diagnostiskt Centrum Hud is the leading dermatology provider in Sweden.


Our doctors and nurses are highly skilled, with vast experience and in-depth knowledge. All our doctors are specialists in dermatology and also train future dermatologists and general practitioners. In addition to our medical expertise, we aim to be as available as possible and always offer excellent service to our patients.

About us

Information for patients affected by the bankruptcy of the Psoriasis Association in Stockholm County.


Patients with ongoing systemic drug treatment are transferred for further treatment to Diagnostiskt Centrum Hud. If you have an attending doctor in another clinic, you can contact us to have your referral transferred there.


Patients who have an ongoing medical light treatment are asked to contact the doctor who referred them to the treatment.


If you have any questions, please contact us on 1177 or on 08 515 11 500.

Many people are calling now, and there are waiting times.


(Information will be updated continuously, 2024-02-01)

We accept all patients

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What our patients say

  • "I had skin problems around the eyes and visited a healthcare centre several times without getting better. Eventually, I got a referral to DCH and finally found someone who knows their subject. I was treated with great humility and expertise, and they were also interested in following up my problems. Very satisfied."


  • "Heard about Diagnostiskt Centrum Hud and right from the start it felt like they cared. They want their patients to get well. There's only one thing I regret - that I didn't go there right away."


  • "Did not get help from my healthcare centre with the acne I had due to hormones, and then contacted Diagnostiskt Centrum Hud. Had almost given up hope after more than 3 years with very bad skin but after my visit my skin got better and better and after only a few months my skin was completely smooth. Now, a year and a half later, I haven't had a single pimple and my skin has never been better. I'm incredibly grateful."


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