Diagnostiskt Centrum Hud Helsingborg is a skin clinic for all types of skin conditions. We have a particular interest in the diagnosis and treatment of skin tumors. We offer rapid assessment of suspected skin tumors, which leads to reduced anxiety and fewer unnecessary operations.

About the clinic

Where to find us:
Springpostgränden 3A
252 20 Helsingborg, Sweden

Accessible entrance is located at entrance 3B


Contact us:
Tel: 042 - 442 48 00
Mail: infohbg@dchud.se


Opening hours:
Monday - Thursday 08:00-16:00
Friday: 08:00-14:00


Different opening hours during the summer:

12/7-5/8 Closed


Telephone hours:
Monday 09:00-12:00
Tuesday-Friday 08:00-10:00 am


Unfortunately, we cannot handle patient matters / personal information (such as bookings, cancellations, cancellations, prescriptions, etc.) via email due to GDPR.
Please contact us via 1177 or by phone.


Our specialists at our Helsingborg Clinic

Thérése Glaumann
Specialist in Dermatology
Anna-Maria Ursberg
Specialist in Dermatology
Annika Steinmann
Specialist in Dermatology
Daniel Brännström
Specialist in Dermatology, Clinic Director Helsingborg
Louise Hjortensjö
Specialist in Dermatology

Write and send your own self-referral

We accept self referrals. Self referrals are treated in the same way as a doctor's referral and are subject to the same care guarantee.

There are two ways to make your own care request. Either by logging into 1177.se to use the e-Services. If you do not have Bank ID, you can fill out a form on site, it is also possible to contact us if you wish to have a form sent home.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept information by e-mail due to patient confidentiality. It is always our medical assessment that decides whether you should receive care and when it should be offered.

You will receive a letter or telephone call inviting you to visit us, or you will receive information that your symptoms are not classified as requiring specialised medical skin care, whereby you should contact your healthcare centre instead.

Visits via self-referral cost 300 SEK.

Submit your self referral via 1177



The clinic is located on the top floor, level 4 (the elevator says 3), at Stenström's old shirt factory on Springpostgränden in the heart of Helsingborg. The main entrance is Springpostgränden 3A.

If necessary, there is an accessible entrance at entrance 3B, if assistance is needed, please contact the reception a day in advance.


By car: Park in the Magnus Stenbock parking garage, the entrance is on Norra Storgatan 13. From the parking garage you can walk down the driveway and Springpostgränden is on the left.


By train: Get off at Helsingborg Central Station (Knutpunkten), from there it is a 10-15 minute walk, but there are also several connecting buses.


By bus: Bus stop Sundstorget on Drottninggatan, from there it is a 5-minute walk.