Malmö City

Diagnostiskt Centrum Hud in Skåne is an activity focused exclusively on skin diseases. We started in July 2014 and we have seven dermatologists who are specialists in skin diseases and have a broad expertise in skin care. We have an agreement with Region Skåne via Vårdval. In addition, we offer care to patients with private health insurance.

We prefer card payment.

About the clinic

Find your way here:
Hjälmaregatan 3, 211 18 MALMÖ
(alternative entry via Nordenskiöldsgatan 2B)


Contact us:
Tel: 040 - 608 8000
Fax: 040 - 123 233 (For self-care requests)


Opening hours:
Monday - Friday 08:00 - 16:00


Phone hours:

Monday - Friday 08:00 - 10:00

Private payers

We are currently fully booked in Malmö and Helsingborg. We refer to our clinic in Copenhagen where we have Swedish-speaking specialists. We follow the Swedish price list and accept Swedish currency via card or swish. We have short or no waiting times.

Feel free to contact us on +45 61 10 18 10 or +45 31 39 10 60 if you have any questions.


Information about planned care abroad:
Planned care abroad - Försäkringskassan (


Directions to DCHud Copenhagen

(With the Öresund train from Malmö to Copenhagen, Østerport station).


The train from Malmö runs several times an hour directly to Østerport station in Copenhagen. From Malmö C the journey takes 45 minutes and from Malmö Hyllie about 35 minutes. Get off at Østerport station. When you get off the platform, turn right and walk straight ahead and up the stairs to the footbridge. At the top of the footbridge turn left and at the end of the footbridge cross the street to Østbanegade where you will find us at number 9.

Call the intercom "DCH" to open the door. The reception is located on the 1st floor.



Swedish price list Copenhagen booking form

Our specialists at Malmö City clinic

Lisbeth Rosholm Comstedt
Specialist in Dermatology
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Lars Wetter
Specialist in plastic surgery
Louise Flensburg
Specialist in Dermatology
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Cecilia Tillman
Specialist in Dermatology
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Carina Grönhagen
Specialist in Dermatology
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Anna Spirén
Specialist in Dermatology
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Thorhildur Danielsdottir
Specialist in Dermatology, Clinic Director Malmö City/Hyllie
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Mikaela Ahlin
Specialist in Dermatology
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Find us


The reception is located on the ground floor in the building "Scandinavian Center" which is a large bright yellow building with a crescent-shaped glass dome on the roof. There are two entrances to the building, one from Nordenskiöldsgatan 2Bthe other from Hjälmaregatan 3 at Bagers plats.


If you come by car, you can park in the parking building Bagers plats, the entrance is located onNordenskiöldsgatan towards the entrance to Malmö Clarion Live. The parking structure is located under the Scandinavian Center building.  From the parking garage you come out at Bagers plats and into the building at 3 Hjälmaregatan.


If you arrive by train, get off at Central Station and leave through the Bagers plats exit. The entrance to the building will be at 3 Hjälmaregatan.


If you come by bus, numbers 2, 3, 5, 7 and 8 stop at Anna Lindhs Plats on Neptunigatan.


Accessible parking is available at the entrance from 3 Hjälmaregatan.



Malmö Aesthetics

At Diagnostiskt Centrum Hud in Malmö City you can book an appointment for IPL treatments for veins and pigmentation. We also carry out treatments with Botox and fillers.

The treatments are carried out by a doctor and nurse with vast experience in aesthetic dermatology. Our goal is always natural-looking results.

Aesthetic treatments are not included in state-funded care.


Contact us at Estetiken in Malmö:


See our price list

Write and send your own self-referral



You are welcome to contact us via your own self-referral. Your self-referral will be assessed in the same way as a doctor's referral and the care guarantee applies.


Submit your own care request via 1177 below. Unfortunately, we cannot accept information by email due to patient confidentiality. It is always our medical assessment that decides whether you should receive care and when it should be offered.


You will receive a letter or telephone call inviting you to visit us, or you will receive information that your symptoms are not classified as requiring specialised medical skin care, whereby you should contact your healthcare centre instead.


Visits via self-referral cost 300 SEK.

Submit your self referral via 1177