Malmö Hyllie

We are a private skin clinic for all types of skin conditions and have agreements with Region Skåne via Vårdval. In addition to this, we offer care to patients with private health insurance.
We also offer aesthetic treatments.

We prefer card payments.

About the clinic

Find your way here:
Address: Emblas gränd 2, 5th floor
215 35 Malmö

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday 8:00 - 16:00

Telephone hours:
Monday - Thursday 8:00 - 12:00
Friday 8:00 - 10:00

Contact us:
Tel: 040 - 608 80 00

Our specialists at the Malmö/Hyllie clinic

Johan Olauson
Specialist in Dermatology
Magnus Hjaltalin Jonsson
Specialist in anesthesia and intensive care
Yvonne Eklund
Specialist in Dermatology
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William Troensegaard
Specialist in Dermatology
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Anahita Attaran
Specialist in Dermatology
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Thorhildur Danielsdottir
Specialist in Dermatology, Clinic Director Malmö City/Hyllie
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Find us

Our reception is located on the 5th floor of the Dungen building, 2 Emblas gränd, 215 35 Malmö.Dungen is a large building with large glass sections where the Customs Service is located on the ground floor. The building is surrounded by the Hyllie parking structure, Quality hotel view, Riksbyggen and Ikano bank.

By car you can use the large entrances to Hyllie from Annetorpsvägen in the north, from Pildammsvägen in the east and from Lorensborgsgatan in the west. These lead to the main streets, Hyllie Boulevard, Hyllie avenue and Hyllie station street. If you come by car, you can park in the parking structure 'P-husHyllie'.

If you come by city bus, buses no. 6, 8 and 33 stop in Hyllie. Regional bus no.s 150, 170 and 300 stop right outside our building. To get from Hyllie station, where you get off the train, to our clinic on Embla's alley, it is best to walk in the passage between Pressbyrån and McDonald's at Arenagatan.


Malmö Aesthetics

At Diagnostiskt Centrum Hud in Malmö City you can book an appointment for IPL treatments for veins and pigmentation. We also do treatments with Botox and fillers.

The treatments are carried out by a doctor and nurse with vast experience in aesthetic dermatology. Our goal is always natural-looking results.

Aesthetic treatments are not included in state-funded care.


Contact us at Estetiken in Malmö:

See our price list

Write and send your own self-referral

With us you are welcome to seek treatment via self-referral. Your request is assessed in the same way as a doctor's referral and the care guarantee applies.

Please download the form below and send it to us by post. Unfortunately, we cannot receive data by email due to patient confidentiality. We always carry out a  medical assessment to determine whether you should receive care and when it will be offered.

You will receive a letter or telephone call inviting you to visit us, or you will receive information that your symptoms are not classified as requiring specialised medical skin care, whereby you should contact your healthcare centre instead.

Visits via self-referral cost 300 SEK.

Self-referral Malmö Hyllie