Diagnostiskt Centrum Hud in Gothenburg is a skin clinic for all types of skin conditions. We have a particular interest in the diagnosis and treatment of skin tumors.
We offer rapid assessment of suspected skin tumors, which leads to reduced anxiety and fewer unnecessary operations. We have agreements with the Västra Götaland region, wherein regular patient rates and free cards apply.
As well as this, we offer care to patients with private health insurance and to privately paying patients. We also offer aesthetic treatments.

About the clinic

Stampgatan 14
411 01 Gothenburg

Opening hours:

Monday - Thursday 8:00 - 16:30
Closed over lunch between 12-13
Friday 8:00 - 11:30


Contact us:

031 – 700 03 00

Our specialists at the Gothenburg Clinic

Gunilla Elmer Lans
Specialist in Dermatology
Johanna Bråred Christensson
Specialist in Dermatology
Charlotte Sparring
Specialist in Dermatology
Agata Bohlin
Specialist in Dermatology
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Ylva Ohlsson
Specialist in Dermatology, Clinic Director Gothenburg
Simone Kehler-Rosenlind
Specialist in Dermatology
Helena Gonzalez
Specialist in Dermatology
Astrid Brodd
Specialist in Dermatology, Clinic Director Gothenburg
Camilla Hörfelt
Specialist in Dermatology, Specialist in Plastic Surgery
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Find us

Our reception in Gothenburg is just a stone's throw from the Central Station opposite Gamla Ullevi.

14 Stampgatan is located on the left along the canal when you stand in Drottningtorget and have your back to the Central Station.

If you come by car, it's easiest to park in Ullevigaraget or in the car park at the Max hamburger restaurant at Gamla Ullevi (the stadium). 


Gothenburg Aesthetics

At Diagnostiskt Centrum Hud in Gothenburg you can book an appointment for private consultations, both for cosmetic and medical skin problems.


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Write and send your own self-referral

You are welcome to apply for self-referral. This is assessed in the same way as a doctor's referral.

Download the form below and send it to us by post or fax, we are unfortunately unable to receive data by email due to patient confidentiality.

It is always our medical assessment that determines whether you should receive care and when it should be offered. You will then receive a letter or telephone call inviting you for an appointment, or information that your symptoms are not classified as in need of specialised medical skin care, whereby you should contact your healthcare centre.


We are currently not accepting further referrals until 31 October 2021

Self-referral Gothenburg