Stockholm Hötorget

Welcome to the newly renovated premises in Skrapa 1 near the Concert Hall. This is now our third clinic in Stockholm on the eighth floor with a view of Hötorget. We have an agreement with Stockholm County Council within Vårdval, which means that the County Council's usual tariff for specialist doctor visits applies. In addition, we offer care to patients with private health insurance and to private-paying patients.

About the clinic

Get here:
Sveavägen 17, floor 8
111 57 Stockholm


Contact us:
Tel: 08-515 11 500

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday 08:00 - 16:00


Different opening hours:

2023-09-29: Closed(Derm Summit 2023)

2023-11-16: Closed



Telephone hours:
Monday - Thursday 07:30-10:00 am

Friday: 07:30-11:00


Contact us via Mina Vårdkontakter 1177

Our specialists

Magdalena Komuda
Specialist in Dermatology
Luis Gimeno
Specialist in Dermatology
Asal Leijonhufvud
Specialist in Dermatology
Caroline Danell
Specialist in Dermatology
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Ellinor Leijonhufvud
Specialist in Dermatology
Jan Eklind
Specialist in Dermatology


We are located at Sveavägen 17 on floor 8. The entrance is between Skrapa 1 and 2 on Sergelgatan. It is possible to go directly up from the southern exit of the Hötorget metro, closest to Hötorgsgången.



At the lifts, press "8" and it will tell you which lift to go to, A, B, C or D.