Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The Christmas and New Year holidays are just around the corner and we would like to send you a Christmas greeting from us at Diagnostiskt Centrum Hud!

Since 2016, we at Diagnostiskt Centrum Hud are involved in Girls Education Program Sweden Malawi (GEPSM), a small non-profit organization in Sweden and Norway that since 2013 works to support girls from the most vulnerable areas in Malawi and give them an opportunity to get the best quality education. Over the years, we at Diagnostiskt Centrum Hud have managed to break the pattern for a number of girls, had staff on site and built a well in the village. The girls who have come furthest have recently completed secondary education - the key to an independent life. It's great to be able to follow the girls' progress and personal development. In addition to education, GEPSM provides clothing, school uniforms, community activities and transport. During the pandemic, GEPSM has ensured that the girls have received extra support and remedial education as they have been sent home to their villages at times.


This year, as in previous years, Diagnostiskt Centrum Hud is donating money to GEPSM. The money will be used in full for the girls' education. This year we are needed more than ever as costs in Malawi have risen significantly.


With this greeting, we wish that more people get involved and contribute with us so that GEPSM's intention to provide girls with education, the best of opportunities to earn a living and become role models for their fellow sisters and daughters, can be fulfilled.15 000 SEK will provide a girl's school education for one year in Malawi. A first step to break the pattern and give the girls a dignified life. Please also follow the girls on Facebook, The Dowa Girls


If you want to contribute like us, you can pay directly to: PostGiro: 620101-6 or via Swish: 1235610548. All contributions count!


We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and New Year!