Petra Kjellman on Malou After Ten

Daniel Paris on Psoriasis

Influencer and presenter Daniel Paris developed psoriasis at the age of 11. At the time, he thought he was alone, was teased and had social phobia. Now he wants to break taboos around the disease. Dermatologist Petra Kjellman on how to alleviate your problems if you are affected on Malou Efter tio on TV4 from 12/04/2021.

Hair loss

Hear our dermatologist Petra Kjellman talk about natural hair loss and what can be done to make the hair stay on your head. She also talks about the disease Alopecia that causes partial or total hair loss on Malou Efter tio on TV4 from 01/03/2021.

Protect yourself from the sun

Listen to Petra Kjellman and Chief Medical Officer Stefan Branth on how best to protect yourself from the sun on Malou After ten on TV4 from 2016-03-21