Welcome to our newly opened clinic in the centre of Linköping at Nygatan 22.

We offer specialised diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of most types of skin diseases and skin tumours.

We have an agreement with Region Östergötland. For patients who come on referral, the tariff for specialist visits and free cards apply. In addition, we offer care to patients with private health insurance and to patients paying privately.

The staff at Diagnostiskt Centrum Hud are dermatologists Karin Davidsson and Jonida Beka and nurses Maria Karlsson and Pernilla Ritzmann.


Get here:
Address: Nygatan 22
582 19 Linköping


Contact us:
Tel: 013-991 59 00


We do not answer medical questions or handle cancellations and rescheduling via email. Please call during our phone hours.


We follow the recommendations of the Public Health Agency.

For acute problems, contact 1177 or your nearest emergency room.


Opening hours:

Monday-Thursday 08:00-16:00

Friday 08:00-12:00


Different opening hours:

Closed 2023-09-29 (Derm Summit 2023)


Telephone hours:
Monday - Friday 08:00-11:00


Contact us via 1177

Our specialists in Linköping

Ylva Zander
Specialist in Dermatology
Karin Davidsson
Dermatologist Specialist in Dermatology, Head of Operations Linköping
Jonida Beka
Bitr. Head of Operations Linköping, Dermatologist Specialist in Dermatology, Specialist in General Medicine



We are located in central Linköping in the same building as Gränden, with entrance from the street at Nygatan 22.

OBS! Not inside the shopping centre.


Lifts are available at the entrance from Repslagargatan.

Follow us into the Linköping premises in the film below